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With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, Huntington Beach Licensed Electrician provides unparalleled electrical solutions. Trust us to handle your projects with professionalism, integrity, and technical expertise.

Electrical License # SHD912890

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From the historic charm of Huntington Beach to the scenic beauty of Orange County we offer top-notch electrical solutions.

Year Established: 2017

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Upgrading your electrical service from single-phase to three-phase? Our electricians are well-versed in handling this complex task. We'll assess your power needs, install a new three-phase electrical panel, and reconfigure the wiring to accommodate the higher power demands of industrial machinery, commercial facilities, or large residential properties. With our expertise, you can enjoy enhanced power capacity and improved efficiency for your electrical system.

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  • We prioritize your satisfaction and convenience by providing 24-hour electrical services, offering our expertise and assistance whenever you need it, whether it's a regular day or a holiday.